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User Guide for Sellers

Getting started with MiDash

Learn how to start working with MiDash. Check the system requirements to see if your device meets the minimum requirements. Retrieve lost password.

Using the My Prospects Window

Learn how to manage leads or buyers assigned to you or those that you added yourself. Learn how to view your campaign progress in the pipeline.

Introduction to the MiDash Dashboard

Learn the basics of the dashboard. Learn how to organize and keep track of all your activities as well as that of your team.

Basics of a MiDash Prospect Profile

Explanation of the buyer profile. Learn how to add your own lead or buyer individually. Learn how to import your list of leads from a CSV.

How to use your Online Sales Kit

No need to carry loads of heavy brochures. This feature will ensure that you have the latest and most up to date sales materials at all times.

Managing a Buyer Profile

Learn how to manage a buyer profile. Set a reminder to make a call, set a meeting, or set a task ahead of schedule.

Using the Real-Time Inventory System

The Inventory is a top-down interactive representation of the project, where you can make reservations or check the availability of a unit.

Handling Assigned Prospects

Learn how to be effective at follow up and nurturing leads by making use of the CRM features of MiDash. Learn how to set a meeting or a call.

Managing your Prospects

Introduction to managing your projects. Learn how to manage prospects generated by the system or registered by you.

Managing your Transactions

Learn how to track and manage your transactions and your buyers or clients. Learn how to manage your team of sales agents.

Basics of the Smart Prospects Window

How to manage your prospects, how to check your campaign progress, and how to return an unqualified lead.

Reports – Maximize your Pipeline and Performance

Learn how to read the system generated reports on your team and your progress to maximize your pipeline and performance.

Support Policy

We monitor our online channels and email from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. We do our best to answer every email that we get as soon as we receive it. However, we may not be in the same timezone as you, so allow us at least 24 hours to process your request.