Getting started with MiDash

MiDash is web-based, meaning it can be accessed by most modern computers and mobile devices that has a browser. However, it is preferable that you work on a laptop or a tablet to give your buyers a better experience.

In order to run MiDash without issues, your PC, laptop or mobile device (tablet or smartphone) should have the following system requirements:

  • Intel or AMD with at least 1.6ghz
  • 2GB RAM
  • At least 1mbps internet connection
  • Any browser, like Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox Safari , Microsoft Edge , Internet Explorer

Logging into MiDash

  1. To start, launch your browser.
  2. In the url address bar, copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) this address:
  3. Enter the email you used to register with MiDash and the password in the given fields.
    Getting started with MiDash
  4. When login is successful, you will be directed to the MiDash Dashboard.
  5. If login is unsuccessful, system will prompt you with an Invalid login or password message. If you think you don’t have the right password, you may have to reset your password. To do so, click Forgot password and the system will direct you to a page where you need to fill in the email address associated with your MiDash account.
  6. Getting started with MiDash

  7. Click the Send password reset information button and check the details sent to your email.

Getting started with MiDash

Logging out of MiDash

To logout from MiDash, click on the user icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard and click on Logout from the drop down menu.

Getting started with MiDash