Managing your Transactions

This section of your dashboard, located on the left hand corner shows you all your pending and current transactions. The system automatically separates legitimate Buyers from the Prospective ones.

This section feature two functionalities:

Reservations Tab

This is a summary of all the clients in your pipeline that has a pending reservations approval. The system will automatically move them to your Buyers tab once the management has approved of the reservation of the client. Approval will depend on the general policy of the management.

Note that you are unable to do anything on this page except to edit or amend the client’s profile. If you have that permission level to approve reservations, please refer to MiDash User Guide Book 2 – For Admins with Limited Access.

Handling Assigned Prospects

Buyers Tab

This is the summary of all the clients in your pipeline whose reservations has been approved. The system will automatically move the client from a prospective buyer (reserved status) to a buyer status once the reservation has been approved.

As a team leader, this is your summary of the team’s list of confirmed buyers.

Handling Assigned Prospects

Managing your Team

As a team leader, this functionality will enable you to manage your team’s activities, view their pipeline from a distance. When you click on the My Team button on the left hand column of your dashboard, a window will open indicating a list of all your team members, their quick contact info, the permission level that you granted them, and their latest activity in the system.

Handling Assigned Prospects

This is also where you can add a new User (team member) or deactivate an old User’s access.

To Add a New User, just click on the Add New User tab on the right hand corner. Simply follow the instruction on the drop down window. For more information, refer to Book 1 – Setting Up Your MiDash – Adding New Users.

Handling Assigned Prospects

To delete or deactivate a User’s access. Click on a username to open their profile window. Then simply click on the Delete User button.

Take note that deleting the user simply deletes their access, but the data on their My Prospect remains, so any pending transactions handled by the deactivated User does not get lost.

Handling Assigned Prospects

Reassigning prospects

In the event that you would need to reassign a prospect due to the User being no longer part of the team, or when the Prospect isn’t being handled properly by it’s previous Seller, simply click on that Prospect’s name to open his/her profile, then click on the name of the User/Seller it is assigned to. A drop down window will open where you can reassign the Prospect to another one of your team member.

Handling Assigned Prospects