Your MiDash Sales Kit

Introduction to MiDash’s Sales Kit tab
As a seller, you have the ability to access all the materials in the Sales Kit. This allows you to meet your buyers without the need for carrying loads of heavy brochures; just simply log into your MiDash and show them the pictures, plans and layouts in your MiDash Sales Kit.

You can also download, print, or send these materials by email to your clients.

Sending a Sales Kit to a prospect by email

1. You can access the Sales Kit in the left sidebar, just click on it.

Your MiDash Sales Kit

2. This will open up. Under the Files tab, select to highlight a folder or a file that you wished to open.

Your MiDash Sales Kit

3. On the right side panel, at the bottom of the preview, will be 5 options. These are:

  1. Open Folder
  2. Send via Email
  3. Download
  4. Edit
  5. Delete
  1. Your MiDash Sales Kit

4. Click Send via Email  Your MiDash Sales Kit  and provide the email information of the prospect. The act of emailing this to a prospect automatically creates a profile for that client, and it also automatically registers the client to your name.

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