Reports – Managing your own Pipeline and Performance

This section, if you maximize the system, will make your life easier. Personally, you will no longer need to prepare any reports ever again, as the system will generate that report for you automatically.

As a team leader, you have access to every one of your team member’s activities and performance.

  1. Prospect Acquisition – this report generates the every day data of all the leads/prospects that you personally have registered in the system. This helps you measure how fast you acquire a client on a daily basis.
    As a team leader, you can view every team member’s status as well.Reports - Managing your own Pipeline and Performance
  2. Prospect Stages – this report shows you a graph of how many leads/prospects are in your own pipeline and your whole team’s, and how many are in each particular sales stage. This should tell you your own and your team’s sales velocity – how fast you move your prospects from one stage to another.Reports - Managing your own Pipeline and Performance
  3. Prospect Updates – this graph shows you how diligent you are and any member of your team in updating the client’s status, or how often a client is engaged. The higher the number of prospects in your 30 days and over means that you and your team have been neglecting your clients, or you have leads/prospects in your pipeline that are not active.
  4. Prospect Demographics – this represents the statistical data of all the clients in your dashboard. It tells you where you should spend your sales and marketing efforts more, what kind of age group, or gender, etc. The more data you tag, the better.Reports - Managing your own Pipeline and Performance
  5. User Activity Report – this is your own and your team’s activity tracker. It tells you when everyone have been active, and when they have not been.
  6. Sales Report – this is the real time record of your total sales, each team member’s individual sales, and the collective sales of your team.
  7. Inventory Report – is a wholistic availability report. It shows all the units that are sold, on hold and available.Reports - Managing your own Pipeline and Performance