Using the My Prospects Window

As a Seller, you can manage leads/prospects/buyers assigned to you or even the ones you added yourself in the My Prospects tab. Furthermore, you can also view all the prospects in your team’s pipeline.

Your viewpoint as a team leader will allow you to sort the Prospects in your team’s pipeline, either by User, per prospect stages, or per client.

What’s on your My Prospects Window

Using the My Prospects Window

Your prospects window features the following information and functionality.

  1. Prospect Stages – or Sales Stages; this indicates the current status of the prospect in the sales funnel. The terminology or the number of stages can vary, depending on the process of the developer.
    These stages are:

    1. Qualification – this is the default stage, where you are still in the process of qualifying the prospect, whether they are ready to buy or not.
    2. Presentation – refers to the stage where you have met the client, or have presented and sent a copy of the sales material. In the absence of a “Site Visit” stage, this could include that action as well.
    3. Site Visit – as the tag suggests, this is the stage where you have shown the client the site or the showroom.
    4. Negotiation – this is the stage where the client has asked for a quotation or price computation.
    5. Closed Won – this is the stage when a client has made a reservation.
    6. Closed Lost – this is the stage when the client indicates a non-interest to buy, when a reservation is cancelled, or when a client defaults on payment.
  2. ‘Assigned to’ tab – this is functional to the user if you have your own team under you. This enables you to pass on a lead/prospect on your My Prospect window to theirs.
  3. Sort by ‘Name’ / ‘Last update’ Tab – you can choose to view the leads according to name or latest update.
  4. Search bar – this allows you to search your database for a specific buyer with only a first or last name, an email, or a number.
  5. Prospect list – this shows all the leads/prospects/clients in your pipeline. The Assigned Agent column should automatically indicate your name, unless you assigned it to your team member. The Tags column indicate the status of the prospect in the Sales Stage. Certain tags will also show here, depending on what you tag it with. This is a very useful tool that will give you a clear picture of what your market and network really is. (See more on Tagging later.)
  6. Latest Activity – tells you what your last engagement is with the client. This is automatically generated.